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Beans and peas produce seeds pods, but so do broccoli, cabbage and other brassicas. After the brassica plants reach maturity (after  you’ve picked the broccoli head and plucked the outer cabbage leaves), if left in the ground, they will flower and eventually produce seed pods. The pods can be dried and the seeds then extracted and saved for next year’s planting.

Saving Brassica Seeds

Saving Brassica Seeds

Brassica Pods and Seeds

Brassica Pods and Seeds


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Going on vacation? Got an ample harvest? Just feeling generous?

Consider sharing your extra harvest with the food pantry. Use the sign-up sheet inside the mailbox or email us. The pantry team will harvest ONLY what and how much you specify. For example, you can say, “Take one beefsteak tomato,” or “Take all the zucchinis.” If you are going on vacation, the pantry team will harvest ONLY what is too ripe to survive until your return, unless you specify otherwise.

Want to join the pantry team or just help out once or twice? The team harvests from our garden every Tuesday morning and delivers to Malachi’s every Wednesday afternoon. Email us.

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We are looking for locally harvested bamboo to use as tomato stakes and teepees. Bamboo, which is a type of grass, is a sustainable resource because it grows quickly without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo is a natural fit in our organic garden.

Got a bamboo forest in your yard that needs taming? Please consider chopping a few bamboo stalks (4-8 feet is ideal), removing the leaves, and dropping them off at the garden. We have a pile started in the back right corner of the garden where you may leave them. (Contact us if you have a donation.)

Members, you are welcome to take bamboo from the pile for use in your garden plot.

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Thank you, Adrian Bonser, for a generous $300.00 donation earmarked for a portable greenhouse.

We look forward to adding a greenhouse to our garden by this fall after researching our options and consulting experts. Our plan is to create a greenhouse that is portable, sized appropriately for our garden, and replicable.

Why a greenhouse? A greenhouse could help extend our cool season harvest for the food pantry and/or communal beds and could provide a means to grow transplants in the spring for our charity beds, members, and/or fundraisers.

Want to help with this new project? Email membership@dunwoodygarden.org!

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On Saturday, our pumpkin team planted the Three Sisters Garden! And had fun doing it!

It was a family affair as members and volunteers of all ages marked spacing for the plants, weeded, amended the soil with compost, planted corn and pumpkins, and set out the soaker hoses. The kids were in charge of planting the corn and their own Halloween jack-o-lanterns and did a great job.

After the corn sprouts a few inches, the team will plant more pumpkins and the beans. Team members will then help keep weeds to a minimum and water during dry spells. The benefit of joining the team is first dibs on the harvest!

Cherokee Beans


Seneca Corn

The Three Sisters Garden, which consists of corn, squash, and beans, is a traditional Native American practice and an eco-friendly gardening method. Read a great summary here. We are using many heirloom seeds, some with rich Native American history, such as the Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans and Seneca Red Stalker Corn.

Thanks to one of our new members, Stephanie, for donating all of the seeds for the Three Sisters Garden and sharing her deep gardening knowledge and enthusiasm.

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ORGANIC GARDENING for Beginners Workshop

Where:   Dunwoody Community Garden at Brook Run
Date:   Saturday, June 5
Time:   9AM 

Experienced gardeners will share information and answer questions in an informal, hands-on setting.  Free for garden members.  A $5 donation is suggested for non-members. Reservations required, space limited.  Email us at:  membership@DunwoodyGarden.org or Dunwoody Community Garden on Facebook

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Potting Bench

Our New Potting Table

We’ve added a potting table! Feel free to use it.

If you have a sturdy stool that you’d like to donate, please contact us. A stool would help those with mild mobility issues garden more comfortably. It’d also help others who are tuckered out.

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