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A Rainbow Landed in the Sunflowers


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 Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farms


Gardening Class – Saturday 10 July 2010


GreetingsMany of you have asked when Truly Living Well is conducting another gardening class. The next session is:
          Saturday 10 July 2010
          9 am to 1 p.m.
          3353 Washington Road, East Point 30344
          $50 per participant

The class will provide participants with an overview of natural and organic urban agricultural methods. This beginner’s course will prepare you for fall planting. The class will cover:
          Soil Preparation
          Soil Management
          Crop Management
          ·        Seasonality
          ·        Planting
          ·        Multi-cropping and Plant Diversity
          ·        Companion Planting
          ·        Weed, Insect, Disease Control
This will be a hands-on learning experience conducted at our East Point site. You will leave with new knowledge, a packet of information and some fall seeds.
The cost is $50 per person. Class size is limited. To reserve a place mail a check to:

         Truly Living Well
         P.O. Box 90841
         East Point GA 30364

 You can also sign up through PayPal: admin@trulylivingwell.com
K. Rashid Nuri will teach the class. Rashid brings forty years of experience to Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farms. He now lends his experience to urban areas where good health and nutrition are lacking.
For further information contact:
K. Rashid Nuri
Look forward to seeing you.


There is still time to purchase a CSA Subscription. The cost of your subscription this year is $400 for a full share and $250 for a half share. A registration form and full information can be found at:               http://trulylivingwell.com/subscribe.html

Come get your food on Wednesday from 3 to 7 p.m. at 3353 Washington Road, East Point. Come early to get the best choices.
If you have specific questions, please get in touch.

Peace and Love

Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farms


Quick Links…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our Website:        www.trulylivingwell.com

Services:              www.trulylivingwell.com/services.html

More About Us:   www.trulylivingwell.com/about_us.html

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A team of cycling bandits were recently spotted in our garden swiping vegetables. It appears to be a random act of healthy eating. They reportedly stole red peppers, tomatoes, and squash.

What you can do to deter garden crime…

  • Introduce yourself to possible bandits. Approach with caution; bandits may be armed with harvesting shears and vegetable recipes.
  • Tell them about our website: www.dunwoodygarden.org where they can find membership and contact information.
  • Direct them to the thieves’ beds near the front of the garden where they are welcome to run amok.
  • Keep your plot well cared for. The Untended Garden Theory of Crime parallels the Broken Window Theory of Crime.
  • Personalize your plot. Go right ahead: get nuts with the painted signs and water gnomes! And have fun releasing your inner artist.

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Give or take a last-minute pound or two, we donated 38 pounds this week to Malachi’s food pantry.  This puts us at a total of 236 pounds donated in 2010.

Here’s a sampling of what we donated:

  • Bucketful of zucchini
  • Handfuls of herbs
  • Several tomatoes and peppers
  • Loads of beans
  • Cucumbers galore
  • And much more!


Thanks to the many members who donated this week from their personal plots and home gardens!

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A Portion of Today's Donation

This week’s donation was well over 13 pounds. Here’s what was harvested for Malachi’s:

  • Tomatoes (Thanks, Kathy, for nearly 5 pounds!)
  • Cucumbers (Thanks, Amy and Kristin!)
  • The first hot pepper
  • Yellow squash (Thanks, Kristin!)
  • Basil
  • Mixed herbs, including lemon balm, mint, oregano, curry herb, Thai basil, lemon thyme, and tarragon (Thanks, Pattie!)
  • Greens, including salad mix, chard, kale (Thanks, Sally & Van!)
  • Beets


If you are going on vacation, have an ample harvest, or just want to share, please let us know. Sign up on the sheet inside the mailbox or email us. Indicate what veggies and how much to harvest from your plot.

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Anne's Tomato Donation

This week’s donation (so far):

  • 2 pounds of garlic heads
  • 2 ½  pounds of tomatoes from Anne’s plot
  • ½ pound of romaine lettuce from Diana’s plot
  • 1 pound of lemon balm
  • ½ pound of basil
  • 1 pound of mint from Pattie’s home garden
  • 18 pounds of zucchini from Angela’s home garden (Yes, you read that right!)

Grand Total: 25 ½ pounds


Harvests for Donation


Ton for Hunger Drive update:

We’ve donated 142.5 pounds so far this year. We crossed the thousand dollar line this week and have provided a donated value of $1,116.50 in just ten weeks of donations in 2010.

Delivery to Malachi's Storehouse

Delivery for Malachi's Storehouse

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