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Members of our garden helped glean over quarter ton of fruit from one pear tree, and nearly all of it went to Malachi’s Storehouse, the food pantry that runs out of St. Patrick’s church. Pattie Baker, our food pantry co-leader, spearheaded this project and partnered with Concrete Jungle.

Read all about it here.

Want to head up a Dunwoody fruit gleaning team? Email us.


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This is a three minute clip from an episode of TrustDale TV. The clip stars four of our garden members: Tracy, Ann, Sally, and Don, and highlights our food pantry initiative.

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Ton for Hunger

Total Donation to Date: 773 pounds donated by the garden or garden members’ home gardens

Estimated Value: $4,408.

If we could eliminate waste from the garden, we could double this number.  Why we shouldn’t let food rot on the vine:

1.      It could have fed someone in need.

2.      It attracts bugs that do damage to other people’s crops.

3.      It sends the message that we don’t value our produce, which encourages people to steal (even from the well-tended beds).

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This Week’s Donation

This week we donated 30.5 pounds, including our first sweet potatoes of the season. We’ve donated or inspired the donation of 645 pounds this year! We have provided a donated value of $3,768 in 2010.

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This week was our largest donation to date. We donated more than 83 pounds of fresh produce to Malachi’s Food Pantry. A big thanks goes out to Sally M. and Rod P. for scale-tipping donations from their home gardens. We donated cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, buckets of fresh blueberries and more.

Also, we donated 22 bookbags and a several bagfuls of school supplies–glue sticks, calculators, binders, markers and much more. A big thanks goes out to Stephanie R, Sally M., and John Heneghan for generous donations.

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Malachi’s food pantry, where we donate produce weekly, needs school supplies for the children they serve.

Essentials currently needed:

  • pencils
  • markers
  • red pencils
  • pocket folders
  • 1 inch 3 ring binders
  • backpacks

No donation is too small. $1 will buy a pack of pencils. $5 will buy a folder for each class. $15 will buy a backpack. $50 will provide a child with a fully-stocked backpack.


  • Credit card: Click the donate tab and then click the donate button. Enter your credit card info securely, and be sure to type “school supplies” in the notes box.
  • Check: Write a check to Dunwoody Community Garden and mail it to Angela Minyard, PO Box 88535, Dunwoody, GA 30356. Be sure to write “school supplies” on the memo line.
  • In-Kind: Drop off school supplies to Malachi’s food pantry at St. Patrick’s Church on North Peachtree Rd. on any Wednesday between 1:00 – 6:00 pm.

Monetary donations will be used by a garden volunteer to purchase needed supplies and then the volunteer will deliver them to Malachi’s. If you’d like to help, let us know: membership@dunwoodygarden.org.

Our garden’s goal is to donate a ton of fresh produce to Malachi’s food pantry this year. If you have extra produce from your home garden or community garden plot, please let us know!

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This week we donated 48.5 pounds to the food pantry.

  • Tomatoes, cukes, herbs, and squash (28 lbs) from the pantry beds.
  • Thanks Mary C (14 lbs) and Joe H (4.5 lbs) for donating from their home gardens.
  • Thanks Karen C (1.5 lbs) for eggplants from her plot.
  • Thanks Van M for gathering a pound of figs from a neighborhood tree and donating them.

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