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Daisies in the Garden

Daisies in the Outdoor Classroom

Today we welcomed a group of Daisy Scouts to our community garden. During their tour, the girls were drawn to the plots lush with cool season veggies. They examined the budding fruits of strawberry plants, baby carrots freshly unearthed, bolting broccoli, yellow blooms of the plant used to make rapeseed (or canola) oil, and the many other things growing in our plots. The girls next visited our compost cages and learned a little about the circular nature of composting: a cabbage leaf decomposes into nutritious soil, and the soil is then used to grow a nutritious cabbage. Composting, they decided, helps make the world a better place, and that message was the focus of today’s Daisy adventure. After their tour, the girls ventured over to the pavilion and outdoor classroom where they planted peas in organic soil mix in bio-degradable pots, which they took home to either add to or start their own vegetable gardens. We hope the Daisy’s enjoyed their visit and earned their pink badges. And we hope that our garden, one plot at a time, is making the world a better place.

Would you like your Scout troop or youth group to visit our garden? Let us know! We are interested in connecting with all age groups in our community and developing education programs. Want to join the education team? Sign up!


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