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Veggies and Ornamentals

Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April, 30
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
At the Greenhouse (Next door to the skate park in Brook Run Park)


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Board members present:

Don Converse
Rod Pittman
Angela Minyard
Ann DoVanQuy
Muriel Knope


Cindy Hodges, Beekeeper, VP Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association
Karen Converse, flower team chair and Dunwoody Garden Club member

Garden board minutes from April 21, 2011

Angela updated us on the garden’s financial situation.  We currently
have $3300 in the bank with another $100 to come from PayPal.  $1000
has been allocated to the Food Pantry.  $1000 has been allocated to
the greenhouse.  $412 has been spent for materials to build tables in
the greenhouse; $172 has been spent for shelves and materials in the
greenhouse.  Other greenhouse receipts have not yet been submitted.
Plant sale proceeds will go to the general fund.  Angela reported that
there is enough money in our account to proceed with expanding the
current fence and adding plots.

Muriel and Don reported on the work days.  Almost half the membership
participated in the spring clean-up either by attending a work day
and/or by doing maintenance in the garden above and beyond tending a
plot.  The garden still needs some maintenance and team leaders,
including the blueberry patch and the compost area.  Muriel will post
those needs to the Google group.

Cindy Hodges presented information on honeybees.  She will meet with
Brent Walker and Rebecca on Friday to discuss the feasibility of
placing a honeybee hive at Brook Run.  Cindy maintains a number of
hives, including two at Dunwoody Nature Center.  The DNC hives have
been vandalized twice.  A main concern is to place the hive where it
won’t be disturbed.  Concerns were raised about children being stung.
Although the DNC hives are located close the main building and in an
area with lots of children, there have been no incidents of children
being stung.  Different types of honeybees have different temperaments
but in general they are non-aggressive. The hive that would come to
Brook Run is known as “Italian,” one of the least aggressive
varieties.  Cindy pointed out that the honeybees would not only
pollinate the garden but also the trees and flowers at Brook Run as
well.  Honeybees are generalists and pollinate many types of plants
and trees.  If a honeybee hive is set up at Brook Run, Cindy is also
willing to do a presentation for us on honeybees.

Karen brought up the need for more educational outreach and asked the
board about the possibility of classes or Q&A sessions to help garden
members learn more about all aspects of vegetable gardening.  The
board discussed the idea of regular classes, possibly up to six times
per year.  Karen agreed to find one or more experienced gardeners who
would be willing to do a Q&A session at the May 14 potluck and meeting
for the general membership.  She also plans to solicit questions from
garden members via the Google group.

Karen also asked the board if the Dunwoody Garden Club could partner
with us on a variety of planting projects, with an emphasis on
installing native or near-native species and making the plantings
sustainable.  Possible areas include a butterfly garden and herb
garden near the greenhouse as well as fruit trees and plants along the
sensory trail near the garden itself.  Diana is also working on plans
for plantings around the greenhouse, including ADA beds.  Bob is
currently building the first ADA bed for the area.  Karen mentioned
the possibility of a pergola for seating and shade near the ADA beds.
Rod offered suggestions for preparing the soil near the greenhouse.
The board was happy to accept the Dunwoody Garden Club’s involvement
in these planting projects.

Several members have asked the board for permission to plant corn in a
communal plot inside the fence.  This area might also be used for a
“Three Sisters” combination of corn, beans and squash.  Since the area
in question is about twice as long as a regular plot, the board set
the annual fee for this plot at $100, to be shared by those garden
members participating in the corn plot.  A key stipulation for this
type of initiative:  If you plant it, you must maintain it.

Diana updated the board on the plant sale and the Dunwoody Pines
project via e-mail.  (Dunwoody Pines was formerly The Atrium.)  The
board approved Diana’s price list for the plant sale and decided that
the sale should be on a “cash only” basis.  Diana has met with
representatives from Dunwoody Pines.  They are in the process of
setting up their own greenhouse.  Once their greenhouse is
operational, Diana and her team will discuss visits from residents to
our greenhouse and to the ADA bed(s) at Brook Run.

Rod reported that he will be harvesting fenugreek grown in our
greenhouse and selling it to a local grocer.  Proceeds will go to the
garden’s general fund and the garden will reimburse Rod for his costs.

The board agreed that Rebecca should apply for a grant to establish an
orchard near the garden.  Brent Walker had made us aware of this

Don agreed to follow-up on a request for a series projects for a group
of 4th, 5th and 6th graders in June. Rebecca and Don will draft a list
of needs as a reference for future requests for service projects.

Don will also put together a crew to expand the fence and create
additional plots for the garden.  Although the city has not yet
approved a final plan for Brook Run, the site of the garden has been

The board agreed to seek one additional member to fill in until August
(taking Page’s place.)  Rod said that either Eddie or Jerrie would sit
in for him during the months that he is in California this summer.

Our next board meeting will be Thursday, May 26 at 3:00 PM at the
garden.  (In the event of rain, we’ll meet at Rod’s house.)

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