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Dunwoody Community Garden
Board Meeting
March 17, 2011
Approx. 3:00 – 4:30 pm
At the Garden


  • Muriel Knope
  • Angela Minyard
  • Don Converse
  • Rod Pittman
  • Rebecca Barria
  • Diana Wood

Membership: Six members did not renew. All six spots have been filled with people who were on the waiting list. All but two memberships have been paid. One member was out of the country. The other member’s check bounced. Both have committed to paying their fees immediately. There are approximately 25 people on the waiting list.

Bylaws: Need to propose to membership a provision for bounced checks.

Fence: Suggested a design that could be built in stages.

Landscaping: The city has a landscape architect consultant coming to look at the greenhouse area. We can present our plans to him/her and the city.

Greenhouse: We need to set up a meeting with the parks manager to clarify the greenhouse parameters, such as the use of electricity and water and installation of a rain harvesting system on the barn.

Brook Run Master Plan: We think the council may vote on the proposed plan later this month. We will not move forward on big projects until the city approves a master plan, whenever that may take place.

Expansion: Motion to expand the garden by up to 24 plots, some of which will be larger than the current 4 x 8 plots. Discussed possible physical arrangements of an expanded garden. Discussed the fencing needs. Expansion would not take place until the Brook Run master plan is approved and we develop an expansion plan.

Plant Sale: Received an update from Diana. Plans are moving forward and a flier will be available for distribution soon. Members can help publicize the event by distributing fliers and spreading the word about the sale.  Dates April 29-30 9 AM to 5 PM.bFlowers, veggies, trees, etc.

Workdays: Scheduled for April 2 and 10th in the morning and afternoon. Muriel will solicit members to sign-up for a job and time slots. Don Converse will guide members on workdays. The purpose is to clean up the garden for summer and for Lemonade Days, which will be held in Brook Run in mid-April.

Membership Meeting and Potluck: Scheduled for May 14th from 9:30 to noon—9:30 is mingle, 10:00 meeting begins, 11:00 potluck brunch.

Team Assignments: Request that members sign up for a team.

Veggie Garden Tour: Discussed the possibility of a small vegetable garden tour in late June, but someone would need to organize it. A member has volunteered to place his home garden on the tour and proposed a date.

Compost: A question was raised about the wood chips and compost pile and uses were clarified. The wood chip piles may be used to mulch paths and plots. The compost pile next to the wood chips may NOT be used in plots because it’s not organic; that compost is used for the ornamental flowerbeds outside the garden fence. The compost at the back of the garden may be used in plots. We need someone to take charge of the compost and organize a team.

Tomato Tasting: Discussed the possibility of a social event in late summer in which members could taste varieties of tomatoes and share recipes, seeds, etc.

Food Pantry: Harvests continue at 8:30 on Tuesdays at the garden and at 2:00 on Wednesdays at St. Patrick’s Church.

Budget: Approved the 2011-2012 budget. See below. Solicited feedback from the membership regarding how to spend the $900 of unallocated funds. The top two responses were reserves and fruit trees/bushes. We took the responses into consideration when setting the budget. We do not know how much money the spring plant sale will bring in since it is our first. We continue to seek donations.

Pumpkin Patch: Discussed the possibility of trying another pumpkin patch, perhaps a smaller scale this year. Need someone to organize.

Taxes: The law has changed so nonprofits with less than $50000 income have to complete simple reporting paperwork.

Next Board Meeting: Scheduled for April 21st at 3:00 pm at the garden if the weather permits and at Rod Pittman’s house otherwise. (Email membership@dunwoodygarden.org for directions to Rod’s house.)

Proposed Budget:

$4400 total funds ($1,800 from last year’s balance + $2550 from membership dues 2011-2012)

–  $500  water reserve
– $500  emergency fund
–  $340.28  St. Pat’s (earmarked donations)
–  $1000 food pantry projects
–  $1000 greenhouse projects
–  $100 new tools
–  $300 general reserves
–  $300 fruit trees and bushes
–  $300 expansion/fence



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DeKalb Farm to School Stakeholders Meeting

Did you know farm to school programs help kids to eat healthier and support family farms? Did you know healthy kids are smarter kids? Attend the first DeKalb Farm to School meeting to find out more about other initiatives in the U.S. and Georgia as well as what it takes to launch a farm to school program.

Participants will learn about local resources and share their own farm to school projects. Challenges, opportunities and first steps for DeKalb County will be explored, and the group will begin planning a strategy for the DeKalb County Farm to School program. This first meeting will be facilitated by Georgia Organics.

When: March 23, 2011. 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Why: to review Farm to School opportunities, challenges and next steps for DeKalb County; and to leverage the help and expertise of community volunteers.

Where: Fernbank Elementary 157 Heaton Park Dr NE Atlanta, GA 30307-1399 (in the cafeteria)

Who: Anybody who is interested in participating in a DeKalb County Farm to School program. Parents, teachers, school nutrition staff, administrators, community members, Master Gardeners, farmers, organizations, government agencies, etc.

RSVP and Questions: Contact Rosalie Ezekiel at


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Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting
February 17, 2011


  • Rebecca Barria
  • Angela Minyard
  • Rod Pittman
  • Ann DoVanQuy
  • Muriel Knope
  • Dominic DoVanQuy
  • Diana Wood

Greenhouse. We discussed storage solutions for the greenhouse. We will email Brent, the parks manager, to find out when the barn renovations will resume.

Plant Sale. The plant sale is planned for April 29th and 30th from 9am – 5pm. The city has approved our dates. We must submit an application for a banner permit to display for one month in order to advertise the plant sale. All money from the plant sale will be deposited in the garden account and used for garden projects.

Compost. Members may bring scraps for our compost heap–no meat or dairy–and drop them inside the inner cage.

Budget. We will send a proposed budget to the membership for feedback. See below.

Education. Our goal is to plan two gardening workshops this year.

Expansion. We discussed the possibility of expansion and adding larger garden plots. We will wait until the Brook Run master plan is officially adopted by the city.

Garden Tour. We discussed the possibility of a small vegetable garden tour this late summer. We could include home gardens, pantry gardens, school gardens, etc. within the community.

You-Pick Herb Garden. We discussed the location for our proposed herb garden outside the fence at the greenhouse. The herb garden would be for public picking.

Volunteers. Members are asked to give three hours per year to the garden, so we discussed how to encourage members to participate.

Next Board Meeting: March 17 from 3:00 – 4:30 pm. We will meet at the garden if the weather is nice or at Rod’s house otherwise. Email membership@dunwoodygarden.org for directions to Rod’s house.

Proposed Budget:

$1,800 current balance
– $500  water reserve
– $500  emergency fund
– $340.28      St. Pat’s (earmarked donations)

That leaves approximately $400 of unallocated funds left over from our last membership cycle.

$400 balance
+ $2600 membership dues 2011-2012
– $1000 food pantry projects
– $1000 greenhouse projects (plant sale, passive heating system, etc.)
– $100 new tools (wheelbarrow!)

That leaves a total of $900 of unallocated funds for the 2011-2012. How should we spend that $900?

Here are some ideas that have already been proposed, but members, please feel free to add your own:

  • flower garden team (fertilizer, new plantings, etc.)
  • fruit trees and bushes
  • pumpkin patch
  • garden expansion (fence expansion, etc.)
  • children’s play area


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