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In conjunction with Food Day, the DeKalb County Board of Health and others are coming together to showcase the innovative urban agricultural activities of our county, with a week of open houses at urban agricultural and garden sites in DeKalb County.  The Dunwoody
Community Garden will be part of this tour.
Our open house will be Monday, October 24, from 2-6 pm. Guides will be present at both the garden and the greenhouse during these times. No tickets needed. Stop by and see what we’re growing.

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Most of the members of the grounds team will be having a work day  this Saturday morning from 9:00 until 11:00.
Anyone who may not be interested in committing to being a member of  the grounds team, but who would like to help out this Saturday, we would welcome the extra muscle. All you need is gloves, and  enthusiasm.  We’ll provide the rest. Non-members are welcome to volunteer.
This might also be a good time for anyone who needs to weed around a plot to take advantage of a lot of expertise and tons of free advice.

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Join us on Saturday, June 18 from 7 – 9 PM for an evening in the garden.

Visitors are welcome! This is a great opportunity to chat with fellow gardeners. Bring a snack for share if you’d like, a drink (sorry, no alcohol without a permit) and your questions and/or gardening knowledge. Members, feel free to water, putter in your plots, and mingle.

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Click here to view a Picasa web album of our plant sale.

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BMGC Begonia Sale

Buckhead Men’s Garden Club is holding a sales event with the Greater Atlanta Begonia Society this Saturday, July 31, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., at their greenhouse in Buckhead (located on the premises of the Atlanta History Center). It is a rain or shine event, and promises to be a one of a kind venue for acquiring rare and unusual begonias.  If you’re interested, arrive early, so you will have your pick of the selection.  If you have any questions, please shoot email Steve at ssulli@mac.com or call 770-296-0219

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Our garden is getting national attention! The American Community Garden Association is holding its national conference in Atlanta this year, and they’ve selected our garden, from more than 150 metro gardens, as a stop on their community garden tour on Saturday, August 7th. This is quite an honor. Let’s show off.

Please help out by freshening up your garden plot and paths before the tour. Things you can do: mulch the paths around your bed, weed your plot, replace spent crops with new plantings, and personalize your plot with a garden sign or art.

Do you want some company while you tidy up? Join us:

Garden Gathering
Saturday, July 31
8:00 am – 10:00 am

We also need some help with the communal areas!

Our super-star volunteers have been extremely busy: Bob Lundsten has tirelessly mulched the main paths, Karen Converse is keeping the ornamental gardens looking beautiful, Pattie Baker tends nearly ten charity beds weekly, and many more members than I can name have been helping out.

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We’re looking forward to participating in a Dunwoody parks master planning process. We plan to advocate not only for a presence of our existing garden in the Brook Run plan, but also advocate for the five enhancements that we proposed in our community garden master plan.

  • Vegetable Grow-Space Expansion Area
  • ADA Accessible Beds
  • Linear Orchard
  • Bridge-to-Bridge Woodland Path
  • Greenhouses

Why a Dunwoody parks master plan? Dunwoody recently purchased Brook Run Park and other city parks from DeKalb County, and new ownership often means new ideas.

When will the master plan process begin? After city council gives the thumbs up and allocates funds for it. The topic is on Monday night’s agenda.

What was the original plan for Brook Run? Click here.

Where is our garden located in the original plan? Our garden is located across from the Nature Education Center and near the Picnic Meadow in the space indicated as a parking lot. The original plan does not include a community garden.

Got ideas to share? Email us and/or email our the city council.

UPDATE: The Dunwoody city council has approved the parks master planning process to move forward immediately. Public meetings will be announced in the coming weeks, and we will have an opportunity to contribute our ideas, not just for our garden or Brook Run, but for all parks in Dunwoody.

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