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Should we open our gates to more folks by offering a new level of membership for container plots? Think of it as high-density gardening. We could map out spots around the inside perimeter of the garden for large containers and charge a lower annual fee for members who use those spaces. Pattie Baker suggested this concept after talking to a visitor who’d strolled over to our garden from the dog park. It’s a way to invite in people who want to participate in our garden community, but don’t want to maintain a full-sized plot. It’s also a way to include folks on the waiting list who don’t want to wait for a full-sized plot, those who have mobility issues who might find the bending and tending of a larger plot difficult, and those who want a lower cost of entry to participate (both for membership fee and cost of materials) in the garden membership.  We strive for as wide a range of inclusion as possible, and we believe this option will help us meet that objective more fully. 

THE BASICS:   New members would provide their own containers that measure 24 inches in diameter. (This pot is large enough to grow pizza toppings: a tomato vine, a pepper plant, basil, and a handful of green onions and garlic.) The membership fee for those who use the container plots would be $25 annually, and these members would enjoy all the same privileges as current members, such as invitations to social events, access to classes/workshops, voting rights, etc.

We could begin with roughly a dozen spots to test the idea. If it works, we could add a few more container plots, and if it doesn’t, we could use the space for our expanding food pantry projects or sharing gardens.  The two containers that we have already added to the garden are growing herbs for the food pantry.

What do you think? Please comment on this blog post, join the discussion on our social network, or send an email to the board. Please contribute your thoughts before April 1st.

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