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New Board of Directors

CHAIR: Don Converse (term expires 8/13)

Muriel Knope (term expires 8/13)

Nicole Maslanka (term expires 8/13)

Therese Meschede (term expires 8/13)

TREASURER: Angela Minyard (term expires 8/13)

Rod Pittman (term expires 8/12)

Susan Wynn (term expires 8/13)


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Thursday, June 23
3:00 – 4:30 pm
Goldberg’s Deli

Don Converse
Muriel Knope
Angela Minyard
Diana Wood
Rebecca Barria

Carl and Jackie Franklin

Expansion Update:
We added 32 new plots. The north side is now full. There are 12 plots open in the south side.

Out of 80 members, only 16 still need to sign up for a garden team. Many of those people are new members, so they may still be deciding how to get involved. Rebecca will follow up with everyone not yet on a team.

Board of Directors:
We proposed to expand the board by from a maximum of 7 people to a maximum of 9. According to the bylaws, members must vote to approve the proposal at a meeting and must be made aware of the proposed change two weeks prior to the vote. The date of the meeting has not yet been set, but it will likely coincide with a social or education event.

Communal Plot:
Five members are participating in a communal plot. Rebecca will review the bylaws to determine if we need to propose a change to the bylaws to make this arrangement “legal.”

The city has agreed to install two faucets inside the garden fence, but we do not know when the work will be completed. We will keep using the cistern even with the addition of the faucets. Don will look into the filter options for the faucet for removing chlorine, etc. Ann spoke with Brent Walker, the parks manager, about the possibility of a well in the near future or when Brook Run is developed, but she was not present at the meeting to give us an update. Diana shared ideas regarding a water tower for the greenhouse and updated us on the status of the sprinkler system inside the greenhouse.

School Gardens:
A student from DHS contacted us about his proposal to install gardens in every school in Dunwoody. We discussed the challenges he will likely face with a project of this scale, but we also expressed interest in helping him shape his proposal into something achievable in the short term. Rebecca will set up a meeting with the student and invite the board and interested members to attend.

Rhonda Bercoon, from Brandeis National Committee, Atlanta Chapter, contacted us to see if we’d host a workshop in March for her group. Shawn Bard has volunteered to teach a workshop. Location is TBA. We agreed to host the workshop.

Diana discussed with us various greenhouse projects, such as the Dunwoody Pines outreach effort, getting the small greenhouse in working order for city plantings, solarizing the flower beds, the butterfly garden, the berry patch, the ADA beds, and the outdoor paths.

Don will select a workday TBA and determine our needs.

Treasurer’s Report:
Angela said we have approximately $4900 in the bank, $2000 of which is earmarked for various funds (emergency fund, food pantry, etc.). Don will submit receipts for the fence expansion, which will be paid with money from new member dues. Diana will draft a budget for the greenhouse to present at the next meeting. We also need to contact the pantry team to find out if they plan to request a budget increase.

Pantry Beds:
We counted 11 pantry beds that are part of the numbered plots. Pattie Baker, the pantry co-leader, has requested two additional beds. The board would like to create those two beds on the perimeter of the garden and give them more space if desired. We want to make sure that we keep 10 percent of the numbered plots set aside for pantry beds and supplement with enough border beds to keep our overall donations at 20 percent of total harvests or greater.

Next Meeting:

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